We could See a New Google Wearable this Year


Google’s Pixel Watch has certainly been one of the company’s most popular products in its Pixel device range, proving to be a hit in terms of sales. While it is still a relatively “new” product, there’s already word that Google might launch a sequel later this year.

According to a source for the team over at 9to5Google, the second-generation Pixel Watch might launch alongside the Pixel 8 series phones later this year, once Google makes its announcement (usually around October). It’s expected that the Pixel Watch 2 – its unofficial name at this time – will come with a faster processor, which would be a much-welcome upgrade from the Exynos 9110 chip which powers the current-gen Pixel Watch.

It’s also possible that Material You and a dynamic color scheme might be added to the Pixel Watch 2’s UI, although the device’s general design will retain the dome form factor, this time with the likelihood of smaller bezels. At this point there’s no word yet on other device details such as specs and pricing, although we imagine that could change soon.

Launched last year, the Pixel Watch has been seeing impressive sales numbers lately, at least in comparison to the sales of Google’s Fitbit wearables. It also features the latest iteration of Wear OS, which has yet to be updated for other wearables on the market.

Google Pixel Watch
The Google Pixel Watch comes with the latest Wear OS software features, as well as integration with Fitbit health-tracking software, all wrapped up in a premium design.

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Source: 9to5Google

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