The Xiaomi 13 Ultra is now Available in More Colors, but with a Catch


It’s been a while since the launch of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, the latest and greatest blockbuster flagship phone series from the popular Chinese smartphone brand. This passing of time hasn’t stopped the device’s popularity though, and Xiaomi recently announced that it will be releasing the phone in a handful of new color variants.

On its Chinese webpage, Xiaomi showcased a trio of new colors which include “Starry Sky Blue,” “Cabernet Orange,” and “Ginkgo Yellow.” One big caveat in particular though is that the colors will be exclusive for Chinese markets, and athough there’s no announcement for international markets (at least for the time being), we can’t help but hope that the snazzy new color versions make their way abroad.

Colors aside, one big highlight of the 13 Ultra is the impressive camera hardware that Xiaomi has packed on board, such as the powerful main sensor of the phone’s camera. The company adds that this was developed in collaboration with camera brand Leica (which has since ended its partnership with Huawei). The phone also comes with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, which has received tons of praise as one of the best Qualcomm SoCs in a while, thanks to solid performance and power efficiency.

Going back to the Xiaomi 13 Ultra color variants, the different versions will come in a single storage and RAM configuration of 16GB and 512GB, priced at around 941 USD.

Source: Xiaomi (CN)

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