LEGO Bricktales Makes its Way to Android Devices


A while back, we mentioned that LEGO’s console title “LEGO Bricktales” will be coming to mobile devices, and it looks like the game has finally been released for phones and tablets via the Google Play Store. The game was first set to be released with a late-April launch date, and is now available for Android.

While we have seen a ton of licensed LEGO games available on multiple consoles and platforms that incorporate big entertainment IPs such as Marvel, DC, and Star Wars, Bricktales arguably relies less on popular pop culture franchises, and instead focuses more of the joys of brick-building.

Unlike most other LEGO games that feature action and adventure gameplay, LEGO Bricktales gives players a more construction-focused playing experience, with mechanics aimed to give a sense of hands-on set construction, providing players with the main appeal of LEGO in its raw, physical form.

Previously, the game was released for several major gaming platforms such as the PlayStation 4 and 5, Microsoft’s Xbox series, the Nintendo Switch, and Steam. With that said, the game’s mobile port is much more affordable, priced at just $4.99.

Source: Google Play

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