Google Accounts are now going password-free


A recent study has revealed that despite us being in 2023 and seeing all the online threats that we face on a daily basis, people are still pretty bad at choosing strong passwords. To a certain extent it’s hard to blame people because for all our online accounts, how are we supposed to memorize a multitude of passwords that contain letters, numbers, and special characters?

This is why back in 2022, companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft announced plans to support a passwordless future which comes in the form of passkeys, and now Google has revealed that they are officially rolling out support for what we can only hope will become the new standard.

According to Google, this will be available across Google Accounts on all major platforms. It won’t completely replace passwords just yet but it will be presented as an option for users alongside your more traditional passwords and 2FA. Users who want to make the switch or check it out can do so.

For those who are unfamiliar, passkeys are an alternative to regular passwords. In fact, to some extent we already use it like with our phones, where we unlock them using biometrics like our facial data or fingerprints. That will be one of the options for passkeys, which will make it more secure.

This also eliminates the need for people to have to remember long and complicated passwords, and it also makes it (somewhat) resistant to phishing attacks. Users who are interested in trying it out can do so by enabling it via Google’s website.

Source: Google

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