New Galaxy Z Flip 5 leaks shows off larger external display


There have been rumors that suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 will be a bigger upgrade than the Fold 5. This is because the rumors are claiming that the handset could see an increase in its external display, which now thanks to leaked renders from OnLeaks and MediaPeanut have “confirmed”.

According to the leaked specs, the new external display is said to measure 3.4-inches, which is quite a massive upgrade over its predecessor, the Flip 4, where the external display measured 1.9-inches. This adds a lot more functionality to the display and phone, giving users more ways of interacting with the handset.

Image credit – @OnLeaks X MediaPeanut

Prior to this, the external display was mostly used to show notifications and information like the date and time, but for the most part, users still had to flip their phone open to do the majority of the things they wanted. By making the external display larger, it is possible that users may have more options on how they interact with their devices, maybe even reply to messages or make calls directly from the external display.

It could also convince those who are concerned about the durability of foldable displays to get one, especially if it means that they won’t have to spend so much time flipping and closing their phone’s display.

Source: MediaPeanut

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