Android 14 will give users more control over ringtone and notification volumes


If you’re someone who relies on sounds from your phone to notify you to calls and notifications, then you might be able to appreciate one of the features that will be coming to Android 14.

According to a report from 9to5Google, it seems that one of the changes that Google will be bringing to Android 14 is to separate the volume sliders for both ringtones and notifications. This means that users will be able to adjust the volume of ringtones and notifications separate from each other.

So if you prefer louder sounds when you get a call, versus a sound from an incoming email or text message, you will be able to adjust that separately. This is actually useful for those who might prioritize calls or notifications over the other. That being said, keep in mind that some handset manufacturers actually include this feature in their own UIs, so for some of you, it might not necessarily be a new feature.

For those who aren’t so lucky or who exclusively use Google’s Pixel phones, then this could be something to look forward to. Android 14 is expected to only be released in the later part of the year, so you’ll still have to wait a bit before you get to try it out.

Source: 9to5Google

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