Samsung patent suggests that the company might want to pick up where LG left off


While Samsung has been busy pushing out foldable phones, LG surprised everyone when they decided to go in a different direction with phones that had a rollable display. Unfortunately, the company’s plans never came to pass as LG ultimately called it quits on the consumer smartphone business.

That being said,  Samsung seems to be keen on picking up where LG left off. In a patent discovered by, it appears that Samsung has filed for a patent for a handset with a slideout display, which presumably would rely on rollable display technology.

What’s interesting about this design is the different “modes” that users could use the phone in. For example at its smallest, which Samsung calls “Processor” mode, it makes the phone super slim and narrow that makes it easier to grip if you’re out in public. Then there is the “Phone” mode which makes the device more like a phone, a “Phablet” mode that makes the screen wider, and lastly there is “Tablet” mode which is pretty self-explanatory.

The patent also mentions how the device can actually automatically detect the situation and will notify users on the best form factor to use at that time. It’s a pretty awesome idea, although it feels like it’s more of a good idea on paper rather than in real life. We’re not sure if Samsung plans to actually release such a device, given that patents aren’t necessarily an indicator of a company’s actual plans, so we’ll just have to wait and see.


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