Geekom’s ASUS-powered mini PC is a true powerhouse


While massive PC towers can look very impressive, especially if you were to deck it out with RGB lights and manage your cables nicely, there is a certain lure and appeal when it comes to mini PCs and the small form factor design.

The idea that a mini PC can be almost as powerful as a tower build but yet remain so unassuming and inconspicuous is one that we’re sure many people can appreciate. Now, when it comes to mini PCs, Geekom is a brand that some of you might be familiar with. The small form factor design is something that the company specializes in, which is why it is kind of interesting and exciting to learn that Geekom and ASUS have decided to collaborate together.

Powered by AMD

With this brand new collaboration comes a brand new mini PC in the form of the Geekom AS 6. Right away we can already see that the AS 6’s design looks different from that of Geekom’s other mini PCs. It is still a small form factor PC, but don’t let its small footprint fool you because under the hood, the AS 6 is quite a beast in performance.

Despite its small stature, Geekom and ASUS have managed to fit an AMD Ryzen 6000H series CPU where customers will get to choose between the Ryzen 7 6800H or the more powerful Ryzen 9 6900HX. They have also given it dual-channel DDR5 4800MHz RAM where you can configure it to support up to 32GB.

For those who are hoping to maybe get into some gaming, or wanting to use the AS 6 for more intensive applications like video or photo editing, the PC actually comes with an AMD Radeon Graphics 680M GPU. This will also allow users to attach up to four separate 4K displays to the AS 6.

Another added benefit of mini PCs is its portability. Maybe it’s not as portable as a laptop, but the fact that it is small means you can bring it around with you. If you’re worried about the PC being in transit, Geekom claims that it has been tested for a variety of scenarios, like high and low temperatures, high altitudes, humidity, and even vibrations. Geekom has also included a specially-designed cooling fan to ensure better and more efficient heat dissipation.

Intel alternative

For those of you who have been shopping for mini PCs and have looked around the market, chances are you might have come across the Intel NUC 13 Arena Canyon, which in terms of specs seems almost similar to that of the Geekom AS 6.

Obviously the main difference would be the choice of CPU, where the Intel model uses an Intel CPU while Geekom’s AS 6 relies on AMD for both the CPU and GPU. Another difference you might want to consider is that the Geekom AS 6 uses a metal inner frame, while the Intel NUC 13 uses a plastic one, so if you want something a bit more sturdy, the AS 6 might be a better choice.

Also, the AS 6 comes with Windows 11 Pro preinstalled, while the Intel NUC 13 is still running on Windows 10 Pro. Last but not least is the price. The Geekom AS 6 is much cheaper starting at $799, while the Intel NUC 13 is priced starting at $999, and can go up to $1,299.99 depending on your configuration. So if price is an important factor, the Geekom AS 6 will be the more affordable of the two.

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