Geekom’s Easter Sale will shave up to $230 off its mini PCs


Everyone has different needs when it comes to their PCs. For some, they need a super powerful rig with liquid cooling and RGB lights for gaming, while others need a PC that can handle heavy processes for video, music, or audio editing, and then there are some who simply need a PC just to do day-to-day tasks.

Now, if you’re after a PC that is small enough where it can sit on a desk without taking up too much space, or maybe if you’re after a PC that can double as a media center that’s connected to your TV so you can watch your TV shows and movies and surf the web, then Geekom’s Mini IT11 is a PC you should most definitely check out.

Small but powerful

Usually when it comes to small form factor PCs, the focus is on its size and the small footprint that it takes. It’s usually catered towards users who value size/weight more than performance, but that’s one of the things we like about the Mini IT11 because while it is small, it packs a punch.

This is because users will be able to select from various 11th Gen Intel Core processors starting from the i5-1155G7, all the way to the i7-11390H. These are incredibly powerful CPUs that will let you run pretty much all the productivity tasks you throw at it, and then some.

Geekom has also equipped all of them with SSDs which means that if you need to quickly access large files and move them around, an SSD will accomplish that in a fraction of the time it would take a regular HDD. Users will also be able to configure the Mini IT11 with up to a whopping 32GB of RAM, which for the most part is more than enough for most use-case scenarios, but it also means that you don’t have to worry about background apps throttling your PC.

Run professional software on it

Now, whenever you look at computers that are designed for professional use, a lot of them tend to be quite big. There are a couple of reasons for this. One of those reasons is that it uses a discrete GPU which takes up a lot of space, and there is also cooling where some professional PCs run multiple fans or even liquid cooling systems.

With the Geekom Mini IT11, it is small but it can also run the same professional applications you might expect to run on a larger, more expensive rig. We’re talking about applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, or even Premiere Pro if you want to do some video editing for work or for fun.

This is thanks in part to the use of Intel’s 11th Gen Core CPUs which also come with Intel’s very own Iris XE GPU. This also means that if you don’t need to use professional software on it, the Iris XE GPU will also let you play games at better settings compared to older, integrated GPUs.

Easter promotion

So, some of you might be wondering that with its capabilities and its size, how much will the Geekom Mini IT11 cost you? On a normal day, the configuration with the Intel i7-11390H with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage would have cost you $779, which is admittedly quite decent already, but for its Easter sale, Geekom has discounted it by $230.

This means that you’ll be able to grab one for just $549! That’s a pretty sweet deal, and also if you were to spend more than $399 during this promotional period, you’ll be able to choose from one of three free gifts, each worth at least $40. This includes a carrying case for your PC, additional RAM memory, a 10-in-1 USB hub splitter, or a keyboard and mouse combo.

This Easter sale will kick off on the 9th of April so make sure to mark that date down on your calendar so you don’t miss out on it!

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