Google’s Iron Grip on the Play Store Continues to Crumble


While Google’s go-to solution for billing customers on its Android platform has remained unchanged for many years now, it looks like the tables might turn soon, at least for Android users in the UK. This new development comes several months after an investigation conducted by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) questioned Google’s current payment system.

Following this, Google has offered app developers in the UK the choice to use third-party options for alternative payment systems, which we imagine should be similar to an agreement made earlier between Google and streaming platform Spotify, which lets users pay for their subscriptions through Spotify’s own app.

The CMA is currently looking into the proposal submitted by Google regarding the matter, and taking feedback and consultation regarding the same into consideration. According to a statement from Google on this issue:

“We appreciate the CMA’s thoughtful approach and the constructive dialogue we’ve had throughout this process. As always, we’ll continue to listen to feedback and continue to invest to help developers thrive on Google Play. The CMA will consider the feedback from the consultation before deciding whether to make the commitments legally binding.”

Should this proposal be put into effect legally, app developers will be able to provide users with alternative payment systems, such as “developer-only billing” or “user choice billing” for example.

Google will still be able to collect service fees from developers, which will be reduced by 3% if a developer chooses not to offer Google Play billing, for example. Should a customer choose an alternative method of payment other than Google’s, then the service fee goes down by 4%.

The CMA will continue to look into Google’s proposal and feedback from third parties until May 19.

Source: Google

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