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While Samsung is more known for its smartphones and tablets, the South Korean tech giant also manufactures and markets a ton of other products including home appliances, computers, and tech accessories. For example, Samsung has a wide range of external storage accessories, and this awesome deal from Amazon cuts the price of Samsung’s micro SD card package in half.

Usually priced at more than a hundred bucks, Samsung’s Pro Plus Micro SDXC card gets you an additional 512GB of storage, making it ideal for keeping photos, music, movies and more. The card also comes with a standard-sized SD card adapter, so you can easily slot it into your camera or computer. The Pro Plus is also Class 10 rated, with read and write speeds of up to 160 and 120 MB/s respectively. You can check it out using the link below.

Samsung Pro Plus Micro SDXC Card, 512GB + Adapter
Samsung's Pro Plus Micro SDXC card gets you 512GB of storage for your device, as well as read and write speeds of up to 160 and 120 MB/s.

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