Are we Getting a New Sony Gaming Handheld Soon?


While Sony’s efforts at marketing and producing portable gaming devices have been dormant for a number of years now, hardcore fans have never slowed down in voicing their desire to see a new handheld gaming device from the company. After all, Sony is responsible for one of the biggest and most successful video game console franchises in history.

With that being said, rumors are once again floating all over the internet of a new Sony-branded handheld that’s currently under development, although it’s not exactly in the same vein as the PSP or the PS Vita. Currently known as the “Q Lite,” the rumored handheld is highly expected to work in tandem with the PlayStation 5’s Remote Play feature.

A report from the folks at Insider Gaming states that the device will need constant internet connection, as well as a PS5 in order to stream games. It will feature a design similar to the PS5 controller, with an 8-inch LCD touchscreen, in addition to the usual array of control functions, speakers, and such. The report adds that the device is undergoing QA testing, and will be launched after the PS5 Pro.

Of course, at this point nothing is “officially” confirmed until we hear it from Sony, or at least until more internet leaks pop up. Additionally, factors such as constant internet connectivity and owning a PS5 beforehand might affect the device’s popularity, if true.

Sony’s last gaming handheld was the PS Vita, which was launched more than a decade ago. It featured an OLED touchscreen, a powerful processor, graphics capabilities, and even LTE functionality, although it was gradually outshined by Nintendo’s 3DS handheld system.

Source: Insider Gaming

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