Google backtracks on Google Drive’s file creation limit


As some of you might have heard, it was recently discovered that Google Drive has a file creation limit of 5 million files. While we’re sure that very few people would actually hit that limit, many were irked as this was not communicated to them before.

The good news is that it looks like Google has heard our outcry and decided to roll it back. This is according to a tweet by the official Google Drive account in which they revealed that they are removing this limitation, at least for now, while the company explores “alternate approaches”.

For those who are hearing about this for the first time, basically what this limitation does is that if you have created 5 million files in your Google Drive, even if you still have cloud storage space available, Google will no longer allow you to upload files to the cloud until you start deleting them.

One of the reasons for the outrage is because customers were paying for storage space and many expected that they would be able to use their Google Drive accounts as long as there was sufficient storage. That being said, we should note that this limitation only applies to files being created directly within Google Drive and does not count towards uploads, which will still be based on available storage.

Once again, we doubt that these limitations would have affected that many users to begin with, but it would have been nice if Google had informed users of it beforehand.

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