Google Drive has a surprising file creation limit


Let’s say you sign up for a Google One account to act as a cloud backup storage of your files. You choose the 1TB option, and you and the rest of us would rightfully assume that means you can store as many files as you would like as long as you stay within the 1TB limit, right?

Turns out we were wrong. According to Reddit user u/ra13, it seems that Google calculates storage limitations not just based on size, but the number of files you have stored as well. It seems that this limit is 5 million files, which means that if you have more than 5 million files but are still within your storage capacity, Google will still tell you to delete files to make room for future uploads.

It turns out that this isn’t a new “issue”. For the past few months, this was reported on the Google Issue Tracker, but in a statement made to ArsTechnica, this isn’t a bug. A Google rep confirmed to the publication that this was intended, but they also clarified that it only applies to file creations made in Google Drive, not file uploads.

This means that Google is restricting the number of files that users create within Google Drive, and if that number exceeds 5 million, they’ll be prompted. The rep claims that this was put into place to prevent a “misuse of our system” that could impact the “stability and safety” of it.

That being said, 5 million files is a lot and we doubt that most users would ever hit that limit, so to be fair to Google, it’s not that restrictive. Either way, it’s something to consider if you somehow have millions of files stored in Google Drive.

Source: ArsTechnica

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