Ta-Da! Magic Eraser comes to Google One


No one likes when a good shot gets ruined. When Google first announced the AI feature that allows you to edit out people or objects that get in the way of your perfect shot, it was highly sought after. Indeed, there were various online copycats of it, but they failed to match the true power of AI that Google had under its belt to make these things happen. 

Even as it was released, the number of Pixel models that could make use of Magic Eraser was few and far between.  This was largely due to the processing that is required to make such edits without any weird AI funniness. This was initially exclusive to the Pixel line but now the reach of Magic Eraser can be spread far and wide. So the days of you lamenting shots that got ruined by a random photobomber are in the past!

Now Google brings Magic Eraser and other advanced editing features to more people. Google One members on both Android and iOS, as well as all Pixel users, can enjoy the new HDR video effect Magic Eraser and a unique collage style. So if you are a hard-core Google Photos user, this might be worth investing in. 

If you’re looking for something that is not Google based gives you comparative results, Samsung has a tool called Object Eraser. Naturally, your results may vary when it comes to how the images are processed and removed. So do feel free to try out some other options at your disposal if you find that Magic Eraser isn’t your thing. The competition is good! So regardless of whether you are a Pixel user or just don’t want to invest in Google One, you’ll still have options to help get your photos the way you want them to. 

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