Lenovo is calling it quits on its Legion gaming smartphone business


Following the launch of the Razer Phone, many companies were quick to hop on board the gaming smartphone bandwagon, including Lenovo. The company has put out several Legion gaming smartphones over the years, but it looks like that ride has come to an end.

This is according to a statement made by a Lenovo spokesperson to the folks at Android Authority in which they confirmed that they will no longer be making its Legion gaming smartphones moving forwards. The statement reads:

“Lenovo is discontinuing its Android-based Legion mobile gaming phones as part of a wider business transformation and gaming portfolio consolidation. As a leader in gaming devices and solutions, Lenovo is committed to advancing the gaming category across form factors, as well as focusing on where it can bring the most value to the global gaming community.”

This statement was made following a post last week in which someone, believed to be a Lenovo employee, claimed that the company was shutting down its gaming smartphone business, and this statement seems to have confirmed that.

It is a pity whenever we see a company exit the market as it means that there will now be fewer choices for customers, but if you are looking for a new gaming phone, ASUS has recently confirmed that the ASUS ROG Phone 7 will be launching in April, so that might be worth keeping an eye out for.

Source: Android Authority

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