The LG V60 is finally receiving its Android 13 update


As many of you are probably aware, LG is out of the smartphone game on the consumer end of things, meaning that they will no longer be making and selling their own phones (but they will sell components to other manufacturers).

This means that those who are still holding on to their older LG phones shouldn’t expect too much support going forwards, beyond what was promised. The good news is that LG seems to be doing a good job of that. According to a post on Reddit, it seems that T-Mobile users who own the LG V60 are getting notified that the Android 13 update is finally available for their phones.

This shouldn’t be too surprising because LG had previously promised at least three years of major OS upgrades, and the LG V60 actually meets those requirements, so this was kind of to be expected. At the same time, like we said earlier, seeing as how LG is out of the smartphone game, we wouldn’t have been too surprised if they didn’t follow through.

At the moment the update is being pushed out to T-Mobile versions of the LG V60, so if you got the phone from other carriers, then you’ll have to wait your turn, which hopefully won’t be too long, but better late than never!

Source: Reddit

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