Meta announces 10,000 job lost in “Year of Efficiency”


Last fall, Meta received feedback from employees asking management to be more transparent about its restructuring plans. Well, they got what they asked for. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on the company’s blog that he hopes transparency will help employees navigate the coming months and implement these changes to move forward. 

Zuckerberg has announced a restructuring plan aimed at eliminating and reducing hiring rates. With fewer new hires, we made the difficult decision to further reduce the size of our hiring team. If a member of our hiring team is affected, we will notify the appropriate personnel. At the end of April, we will announce the restructuring and downsizing of our technology group, and at the end of May, they will announce our business units. In some cases, it may take until the end of the year for these changes to be finalized. International team schedules are also different. For more information, please contact his local team leader. Overall, Meta plans to reduce the size of its team by about 10,000 people and close about 5,000 additional positions it has not yet hired. 

This flattens the organization by removing multiple layers of management. As part of this, many administrators have asked to become individual contributors. In addition, individual contributors can report at nearly any level, not just the lowest, accelerating the flow of information between those doing the work and management. 

Focus on making each organization as lean as possible, with a focus on eliminating duplicate and low-priority projects and optimizing the balance of engineers and other roles. Zuckerberg said it was important for all groups to become leaner and more efficient. This way, the technical group can operate as efficiently and leanly as possible. In this way, they find ways to work more efficiently while ensuring they continue to meet all key regulatory obligations. 

This comes just as Amazon has announced another 9,000 jobs to be eliminated across various departments that weren’t fully finalised when the initial layoffs were announced at the start of the year. Further showing the tally of layoffs in the tech world still has a way to go before stabilising again.

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