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Unlike the majority of gambling games out there, poker actually requires a bit of skill. For example, you’ll need to know the odds of you making your hand whenever the cards hit the table. You’ll also need to know the standing of your hand compared to other potential hands out there.

Then there is also the skill of bluffing and being able to read your opponent, looking for tells that they might be lying about the strength of their hand. You’ll also require a bit of discipline and mental fortitude because knowing when to fold, even if you have a good hand, is key because you never know if your opponent could have an even better hand that could wipe you out.

That being said, if you enjoy the thrill of poker and love testing yourself against other people, obviously a casino is the way to go, but if you don’t have the time or if you don’t live near one, the next best thing would be to play online. Thanks to modern technology, you don’t even need a computer, you’ll just need a phone, so for all the poker aficionados out there, here are some of the best poker games for Android.

Appeak – The Free Poker Game

If you’re not too familiar with poker, not to worry because Appeak can help. The game comes with features that can help beginners learn the ropes, such as a four-color deck to make it easy to see what your hand is, along with a listing of rules for Texas Hold’em. Seeing as how poker isn’t a one-person game, you’ll be able to connect with as many as 100,000 active players to test your skills against.

You’ll also be given 7,000 free chips every day, and there are also various in-game challenges to help you gain more chips if you’d rather not spend any money. There are also leaderboards to help you see where you stand, and there are also a variety of avatars to choose from.

Offline Poker – Texas Holdem

Now, some of you might enjoy the game and concept of poker, but maybe you’d like a bit of practice first before trying your hand against other players, or maybe you just prefer playing alone. If that is the case, one of the main selling points of Offline Poker is in its name – support for offline play.

This means that you don’t need to sit around waiting for other players to make their move, and there are also 142 different unique bots with different strategies and play styles that you can play against, ensuring that you’ll always have a different experience. There are also open-handed replays if you want to go back and take a look at some of the previous plays.

Zynga Poker – Texas Holdem

When it comes to mobile games, Zynga is one of the biggest names out there when it comes to publishing and developing these types of games, so you can rest assured that Zynga’s Texas Holdem has the company’s years of experience backing it up.

The game features high-quality graphics that lets you feel like you’re sitting at an actual casino at a poker table. Gamers will also be given as many as 2,000,000 free chips just for downloading the game, and you can also stand a chance to win $45,000,000 in in-game money while you play.

There are also various modes that you can choose, whether you want to sit at a 5-player or 9-player table, and there are leagues that you can participate in if you want to try and be the very best poker player possible.

WSOP Poker: Texas Holdem Game

If you’re a poker fanatic, there’s a good chance that you’re aware of the World Series of Poker, one of the biggest, annually-head poker tournaments in the world. This is the event’s official app which allows you to compete against other players and even win rings and bracelets (in-game, of course) similar to if you were to join and win one of the tournaments in real life.

There are daily quests that you can take part in if you don’t want to play against other players, and there are also other games like slot machines to help break up the monotony. Just like at new casino NZ (access it directly at, there is even a WSOP Poker Academy where you can learn some tips and tricks to level up your poker game.

Poker Heat – Texas Holdem Poker

If you’re a competitive type of player who can take the heat, then Poker Heat might be the game for you. The game offers players as many as ten different poker leagues to compete in, and with the game boasting over 1 million installs, you can bet that you’ll always have someone to play against.

As with many other poker games, Poker Heat will offer players jackpots and daily bonuses just for logging in and playing the game, so you’ll have alternate ways of winning chips to play with if you don’t feel like spending money. There are also in-game rewards like rings that you can win so you can show off your rank.

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