No Exynos chipset for the Samsung Galaxy S24 either


Over the years, Samsung has been getting a lot of flak over its Exynos chipsets, especially when it was used for the company’s flagship phones due to the fact that many have found the Qualcomm variants of the phones performed much better (on paper, at least). Seeing as how customers were paying the same price but getting different results, it’s not surprising that many weren’t too thrilled by this.

This is why with the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, some were relieved when Samsung ultimately decided to go all-in with Qualcomm’s chipset across all the markets the phone was sold in. Now according to the latest rumors, it seems that Samsung is expected to continue to work with Qualcomm for its 2024 flagship, the Galaxy S24.

The rumor claims that the Galaxy S24 lineup will not be using Exynos chipsets either, meaning that it will most likely be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset (or whatever Qualcomm wants to call it). This doesn’t mean that Samsung is done with Exynos though. Just last month, the company unveiled a new Exynos chipset that will most likely be used in their mid-range lineup.

Also, if you believe the rumors, Samsung is said to be developing a new chipset lineup that would be used exclusively with its phones, similar to what Apple is doing with its A-series of iPhone/iPad chipsets. We’re not sure if this rumor suggests that 2024 could be the year Samsung debuts its new chipset, but either way, there is still quite a long way to go so maybe don’t put too much stock into this rumor for now.

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