What are the Most Popular Blockchain Based Apps for Android Devices?


Many Android based mobile apps have been developed with the blockchain in mind. The blockchain stores information electronically in a digital format and maintains a secure and decentralized way to record transactions. All the data is kept together in blocks and when a block is full, it is closed and chained to the previous block, keeping all the data in chronological order. Thanks to the safety and decentralized nature of the blockchain, it has become hugely popular and below you will find some of the top blockchain-based apps for Android devices.


When discussing the most popular Android blockchain apps it makes sense to begin with the app that shares the same name. The Blockchain.com Android app is the only mobile app available that allows you to purchase crypto using a regular bank account and self-custody your assets, all in one place. In terms of crypto, self-custody means only you have access to your digital assets when using the Blockchain.com app, there is no third party involved. There are plenty of cryptocurrencies to buy, sell, and swap on the platform and over 30 million people have used the app, which is reassuring if you are just starting with crypto.

Crypto – Encryption Tools

For anyone who has an interest in the blockchain, the Crypto – Encryption Tools app for Android is considered a must. If you are looking for a complete suite of tools dedicated to the crypto industry, look no further than this Android app. If you want to complete basic tasks, such as encrypting files and making back-ups of those files, the Crypto – Encryption Tools app is perfect. However, it offers so much more than that and you can learn a lot about how the blockchain works by using the app and everything is explained in detail, making the app ideal for both new and experienced users.

Bitcoin Blocks

In addition to the serious side of the blockchain, there are Android apps where you can sit back and have some fun. Bitcoin Blocks is a good example and when playing on this Android app, you can earn real cryptocurrency rewards. The basis of the game is similar to many of the top Android app games and as blocks drop down the screen, you must create combinations to clear the ‘blockchain’. The graphics and sound combine to produce a fun gaming experience and having played Bitcoin Blocks, you may decide you want to take things up a notch and play online live casino games using crypto. 


Brave has become one of the most popular blockchain-based apps for Android devices because of the new Brave Wallet feature. Brave was already a leading Android app for those wanting fast, private, and secure web browsing when using a mobile device. It comes complete with AdBlock and an independent search engine, with no tracking. Brave Wallet is a multi-chain secure crypto wallet that is built into the browser, making it quick to access and easy to use. You can buy, send, swap, receive, and store crypto using the Brave Android app.

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