Samsung trademark filings hint at new wearables


Samsung’s interest in augmented/virtual reality isn’t exactly new. The company had previously launched its own headset, although things on that front have quietened down a bit for the South Korean tech giant, but now it appears that Samsung could be thinking about kicking things off again.

This is according to a recent trademark filing spotted by the folks at 9to5Google in which Samsung has trademarked the name “Galaxy Glasses”. At this point in time it is unclear if these glasses are designed for augmented or virtual reality. The trademark filing has indicated that it could be used for either, so it is a bit ambiguous at this point in time.

What’s interesting is Samsung’s renewed interest comes at a time when it has been rumored that Apple themselves could be readying a headset of their own, and seeing how closely both companies compete against each other, it wouldn’t be surprising that Samsung won’t be sitting back and letting Apple hog the market.

In another trademark filing, Samsung has filed the “Galaxy Ring” name, which will be a health-based wearable that can collect data on your health, fitness, sleep, and more. It sounds like it could be Samsung’s answer to the Oura Ring, but just like the Galaxy Glasses, details on this wearable are scarce at this point in time.

There is no mention on when Samsung plans to announce either of these devices, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: 9to5Google

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