Don’t use your Pixel Watch as an alarm unless you want to be late


A smartwatch at the end of the day is a watch, which means that basic watch functions that other watches can do should not be an issue. This includes telling the time, using it as a stopwatch, or using it to set alarms.

Unfortunately for Google’s Pixel Watch, setting an alarm seems to be something the wearable is struggling with. In a post on Reddit, users are reporting a bug with the watch’s alarm function where it appears to be going off later than what the user had set. In the post, the user claims that the watch’s alarm was set for 7pm, but it went off at 7:01pm.

The user then says that they thought it was a glitch and deleted the alarm and set it again, but this time instead of going off at 7pm, it went off at 7:02pm. The user was not alone in their complaints as the thread is filled with other comments that they too have experienced a similar issue.

According to some speculation, it has been suggested that the reason for the delay is because the watch might be in “deep sleep”, and because of that it caused a delay from the watch waking up to the alarm going off. While the rest of the watch continues to function just fine, if you do need an alarm, perhaps you might be better off using your phone or a good old fashioned clock just to be safe, at least until Google addresses the issue.

Source: PhoneArena

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