Upcoming Android update brings about a ton of productivity improvements


Our phones are incredibly important devices that sit in our pockets. While it might be a tool for entertainment, there are many who rely heavily on it for work or for school or to run their business, and as such, productivity features are extremely welcome.

For those who find themselves turning to a lot of third-party apps for productivity but wish that Google would have included more features into the base version of Android, you’re in luck. During MWC 2023, Google has announced a bunch of changes that they will be making to Android that includes improvements to connectivity, accessibility, and productivity.

One of the changes will be made to the Google Keep single note widget. With this change, users will be able to easily manage their notes and check off items on their to-do list directly from the home screen. Google will also be introducing a couple of shortcuts to Keep for Wear OS so you can access it directly from your smartwatch.

Google has also made some changes to how Google Drive handles PDFs, and those who are using phones or tablets with a stylus, you will soon be able to use your stylus to annotate PDFs within the Google Drive app.

In addition to some of these productivity changes, Google has also announced that they will be bringing support for noise cancellation for Google Meet on more Android phones. The company also revealed that Fast Pair will work with Chromebooks and users who have already paired a set of Bluetooth headphones to their smartphone will see them automatically connect to their Chromebooks as well.

Apart from the productivity and connectivity improvements, there are also some fun changes Google will be making. This includes new emoji combinations via the Emoji Kitchen, along with new tap to pay animations to make it more obvious when you’ve confirmed in-store transactions.

Google notes that the update will be rolling out this week during MWC 2023, so keep an eye out for these changes on your phone.

Source: Google

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