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IKEA launches its own Matter-compatible air quality sensor


IKEA might be known by many as being the maker of affordable and good looking furniture, but over the years, the company has been expanding its portfolio beyond just home furnishings and have dipped their toes into more electronic gadgets that go into our homes.

This includes speakers, smart bulbs, smart curtains, and now it looks like the company has unveiled their latest offering in the form  of the VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor. This is a device that can measure the quality of the air in your home.

This might be important for some people who might suffer from asthma or have sinus issues or maybe even skin related issues due to poor air quality. Like maybe polluted air is coming into their homes and they might not even realize, so a device like this can let you know if the quality is bad and maybe it might be time to invest in a purifier.

The best thing about the IKEA VINDSTYRKA is that it is also Matter compatible. For those unfamiliar, Matter is a new smart home standard that’s designed to work across devices, so users can buy these devices and not have to worry if their phones or smart speakers or smart displays will be able to integrate with it.

IKEA says that the VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor will be available in all IKEA markets starting April 2023, but pricing was not mentioned but presumably it will be different from region to region.

Source: IKEA

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