Google Adds New Changes to In-app Web Browsing


Google has recently introduced a new change to how users can browse web content within Android apps. Usually, most Android apps will display web content within the app via the Webview component or custom tabs through Chrome, should a user open an internet link while using a specific app, although most of the time this takes up a user’s entire screen. This will all change soon though, thanks to a few upcoming tweaks from Google.

As such, Chrome will now give developers more control over tab height with Partial Custom Tabs – tabs can now be customized the tab for a partial overlay, enabling users to simultaneously interact with the app and web content. To put this simply, this is a bit similar to how Android enables split-screen multitasking for two different apps simultaneously.

According to Google, Chrome Custom Tabs will be able to give users a “fast, safe, and seamless way to experience the web.” Users will also be notified that web content opened from apps will be “running in Chrome” which will retain features like saved passwords and autofill.

Source: Google

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