Primate Labs’ Geekbench 6 offers a more modern and realistic take on benchmarking


While there are so many Android phones out there, a lot of them tend to use similar hardware which means that the difference between phones boils down to the details. This is why benchmarking reports are interesting because we get to see how different one phone is from another in terms of performance, despite some of them using similar hardware.

One of the popular benchmarking tools we’ve seen is Primate Labs’ Geekbench, and the company has announced its latest version of the software. This comes in the form of Geekbench 6, the latest update to Geekbench which according to Primate Labs, has been improved to take into account modern hardware as well as the way we look at our devices.

For example, Primate Labs has stated that they understand that performance improvements don’t just come from the CPU and that sometimes machine learning plays a role, so with Geekbench 6, they will take this into consideration to make their measurements more accurate across device types and environment.

They’ve also made changes to how multi-core scores are calculated, where Geekbench 6 will now measure how cores actually share workloads in more real world scenarios. Geekbench 6 will also take into account actual actions that users might perform on their phones, such as how long it takes for a website to load, how long it takes to render a PDF, import photos, process HDR content, and more.

That being said, we have mentioned before that benchmarks only tell one part of the story but with these changes that Primate Labs has made in Geekbench 6, we expect that future benchmarks should be more interesting and telling.

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