Honor teases what its AI powered cameras can do


The images and photos taken by modern day cameras are the result of combining software and hardware. While good image sensors and lenses are important, software is just as important as it needs to know how to process the data that the hardware captures.

This is why a lot of companies are turning to the use of AI to help power their cameras, where AI can help make certain decisions on the behalf of users. This is something that Honor wants to show off as together with the Guinness World Records, they have shown off a teaser image of the AI powered cameras that will be part of the company’s upcoming Honor Magic5 Pro smartphone.

The image shows a still image of basketball player, Piotr Grabowski, who is attempting to set the world record for the highest between the legs slam dunk. The image itself is nice and crisp and certainly does a fantastic job of showing Grabowski performing his slam dunk while in mid-air.

Usually when it comes to action photos, photographers take a series of burst photos so that they can capture as much of the movement as possible, before choosing the best shot. Presumably this is what Honor is trying to convey, where the use of AI will help users take the best possible photo to take out some of the guesswork, something that maybe more amateur photographers might be able to appreciate.

Honor is expected to show off the Magic5 Pro at MWC 2023 which will be taking place towards the end of the month, so we should have more details then.

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