Sorry Samsung, the Pixel 7 Still Outshines the New Galaxy S23


Samsung’s new Galaxy S23 is definitely a great example of what a flagship Android phone should be – it features a set of hardware specifications which simply outclass a lot of other devices out on the market, and gets a lot of the “premium Android phone” essentials right.

In comparison, the Pixel 7 represents Google’s idea of what an Android smartphone should be, and side by side the two phones have some glaring differences. With that said however, as impressive as the Galaxy S23 may be, there are some instances where the Pixel 7, well, simply makes a lot more sense. So should you get Google’s flagship champ, or go the way of the Galaxy? Let’s take a look.

Software Differences

When it comes to software, Google takes a more nuanced approach with regards to Android in general, with a much cleaner interface, icons, and a more minimalist appearance. In other terms, it’s what most people would call “less bloat.” It’s essentially straightforward and gives you all the essentials without going overboard on the visual and functional aspect.

By contrast, Samsung’s One UI takes everything that we know about Android and transforms it into a rather different entity. Sure, all the basic Android functions are there, and everything under the hood still runs as expected, but along with this comes a whole ton of add-ons, many of which seem unnecessary. Another entirely different app store, a second clock app, an additional file management app – and those are only a few examples of stuff that Samsung has added onto Android in an attempt to “create” its own software platform of sorts without really ditching the core OS.

For a lot of Android enthusiasts, the Pixel’s simpler approach to software is a welcome contrast to One UI’s overloaded ecosystem, and it’s this cleaner software that manages to stand out from a sea of bloated Android UI variants.

Additionally, the Pixel 7 comes with a nice set of Google-exclusive software features that aren’t found anywhere else – even Google Assistant trumps Bixby when it comes to voice detection and overall performance and usability.

Larger Battery

Another advantage of the Pixel 7 over the Galaxy S23 is in the battery department. The Pixel 7’s battery dominates the S23’s in terms of capacity – Google’s flagship champ comes with a 4,355 mAh unit inside, which is considerably larger compared to the S23’s smaller 3900 mAh battery. While Samsung does equip the S23 with fast-charging, it goes without saying that you’ll be reaching for the charger less often with the Pixel 7.

More Competitive Price

In terms of pricing, the Pixel 7 also comes with a lower price overall, costing at just $599 and £599 for the UK, sticking to the same pricing as last year’s Pixel 6. It even goes lower nowadays, with third-party retailers and carriers offering the phone at discounted prices – that’s in addition to Google’s occasional price drops, which sees the Pixel 7 go for a considerably lower price than its usual SRP.

In comparison the Galaxy S23 is more expensive, coming in at $799 and £849 in the UK, a considerable jump in price compared to its predecessor. That’s two hundred dollars more than the Pixel 7, and for folks who are strictly basing their purchase decision on strict budgets, then the Pixel 7 is the more obvious choice.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day though, different needs and wants will ultimately decide which phone we decide to go with for our daily needs, and if you really must have the Galaxy S23, then by all means go knock yourself out. With that said, the Pixel 7 is a worthwhile phone in its own right, and in terms of real-world usage it can definitely hold its own against Samsung’s newer phones (benchmark scores notwithstanding).

Let us know your thoughts on which phone you’re going with in the comments below – are you after Samsung’s latest powerhouse, or are you after Google’s software-focused approach to hardware?

Mike Viray
A writer and content creator with a love for tech and music, Mike is also an avid gamer as well. He and his wife are big fans of Mario Kart.

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