Samsung Provides Aid to Turkey Following Powerful Earthquake


Samsung Electronics has announced that it has decided to send donations to the Turkey Disaster and Risk Management Agency, following the devastating earthquake that occurred in Turkey and neighboring Syria a few days ago. As per Samsung’s official post on its webpage:

“Samsung Electronics decided to provide a total of 3 million dollars in cash and in kind for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey on the 10th. It plans to donate 1.5 million dollars of the relief money to the Turkey Disaster and Risk Management Agency.

In addition to donations, portable ultrasound diagnostic devices needed at disaster sites, home appliances for temporary lodgings for victims, digital educational tablets for children of affected families, and home appliances repair service vehicles will be provided with goods worth 1.5 million dollars. Meanwhile, apart from the company-wide support of 3 million dollars, Samsung Electronics employees will voluntarily conduct fundraising activities to support affected areas.”

Turkey and Syria were hit by a massive 7.8 earthquake on February 6, 2023, which led to destructive damage to life and property across several areas in both nations, and was followed by a number of powerful aftershocks. Currently, multiple humanitarian efforts are underway to give aid to survivors, alongside search and rescue operations to retrieve victims.

Source: Samsung (KOR)

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