Android 13 on the Samsung Galaxy S23 is a storage hog


There are so many Android handsets out there that for the most part, share similar hardware specs, so to differentiate phones from each other, OEMs usually include their own software features to make them stand out from the competition.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S23, Samsung might have gone a bit overboard with that. This is because it appears that Android 13 on the Galaxy S23 comes in at a whopping 60GB. This is versus other phones like the Google Pixel 7 where Android 13 only takes up about 15GB of storage on the phone.

This also means that if you buy the Galaxy S23 256GB model, you’ll effectively be left with about 180GB or so. For the most part this is actually enough for the average user, but for those who use their phones extensively for photos and videos, 180GB can deplete really quickly.

The good news is that for some markets, Samsung has upgraded the base storage of the phone from 128GB to 256GB. They are also running pre-order promotions where you can get free memory upgrades, so if you think that you might need the extra storage, now might be a good time to get in on those pre-order bonuses before it’s too late.

Source: Android Authority

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