OnePlus’ foldable phones could be closer to launch than we thought


With more companies hopping on board the foldable phone bandwagon, we can’t say we were too surprised to learn that OnePlus could be considering launching similar phones of their own.

In fact, back in 2022 OnePlus CEO Pete Lau teased a potential component for their foldable phone, and it looks like its launch could be closer than we thought. This is according to a tweet by Mukul Sharma who revealed that OnePlus had filed for two trademarks for potential phone names of its foldables, which could be known as the OnePlus V Flip and the OnePlus V Fold.

These names are hardly inspiring since they are used by other companies like Samsung, and they’re also kind of dead giveaways for what form factors we might be able to expect. That being said, the design of the phones might not come as a surprise either. Leaks dating back to April 2022 suggested that OnePlus might borrow the design from the Oppo Find N.

Given that both OnePlus and Oppo are owned by the same parent company and have been known to share technology, this isn’t very shocking news either. In any case, the filing to trademarks could suggest that the launch of the phones could be close at hand, but we probably shouldn’t expect to see it at the OnePlus 11 event in India next week, so don’t hold your breath just yet.

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