Spotify HiFi might be relaunching as Spotify Platinum

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Last year, Spotify announced that they would be hopping on board the HiFi bandwagon by launching a new tier that would allow users to stream music at a higher quality. Then earlier this year, the company seemed to have put their plans on hold, but it now looks like they could be getting ready to bring it back.

According to a post on Reddit by a user, it seems that after they cancelled their Spotify Premium, they were given a survey asking if they were interested in switching to Spotify Platinum in the “next 30 days”. Based on the survey which listed some of the features of Spotify Platinum, it looks like this could be the new name that Spotify is giving to what was previously known as Spotify HiFi.

The survey showed that some of the features of the Platinum tier include HiFi streaming support, studio sound, a headphone tuner feature, audio insights, podcasts with limited ads, and also what they’re calling “Library Pro’ and “Playlist Pro”. Now, based on how they asked the user if they wanted to try it out in the next 30 days, it would seem to suggest that it could be launching soon.

Spotify has yet to make any kind of official announcement so we’re not sure if the 30 days was merely a placeholder or if it could be indeed launching within the next month. Either way, hopefully Spotify will have more details soon, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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