The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra could be an absolute monster at mobile gaming


If you’re someone who games a lot on their phones, then obviously picking a flagship phone with the highest-end specs is something to consider. If you’re looking to upgrade your phone this year, then perhaps the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra could be the gaming phone you didn’t know you needed.

This is according to recently leaked benchmarks which shows how well the Adreno 740 GPU performs. For those unfamiliar, the Adreno 740 GPU is the GPU of choice in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, which is expected to exclusively power the entire Galaxy S23 lineup.

According to the benchmarks, it seems that the GPU has performed really well on Vulkan where it scored an impressive 9,844 points. For context, the Adreno 730 which was used in the Galaxy S22 only managed 6,233, so the jump in performance is quite huge. It has even been suggested that it could outperform Apple’s A16 Bionic chipset in the GPU department which would no doubt be something Samsung would want to boast about.

This massive improvement in the GPU could make the Galaxy S23 Ultra a phone preferred by gamers, but of course we would need to try it out for ourselves to get a better idea, but Samsung should have more details for us come 1st of February which is when the phone will be announced.

Source: GizmoChina

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