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How to Reset the OPPO Reno 8 Pro


Oppo’s Reno 8 Pro was surprisingly one of the better Android mid-rangers to arrive during 2022, incorporating great specs, camera quality, as well as user experience into an attractive hardware package. And while it’s a solid performer when it comes to functionality and usability, there’s always that tiny bit of a possibility that it might run into some unexpected “technical difficulties.”

These often include moments like apps freezing, or even software features that would just randomly stop working for some unknown reason. It’s in these cases where you might want to do some quick fixes with your phone, such as a reset.

Should you Reset your Phone?

Resetting an Android device often lets it function as if it were brand-new again (at least usually), restoring it to a state without any user-installed apps or additional files to slow it down. There are also times when it might simply need a quick restart to recover from freezes or other instances when it might become unresponsive, or isn’t working as usual. With that said, there are two different ways to reset an Android phone:

  • Reset: Also known as a “hard reset” or sometimes “factory reset,” this method erases everything that’s saved on your phone, including your apps, settings, files, photos, and music, for example. It’s generally advised that you back up your files to your PC, or online through cloud storage platforms.
  • Restart/Reboot: Sometimes known as a “soft reset,” this method simply turns your phone off and on again, allowing it to recover from unexpected performance issues.

How to Reset your OPPO Reno 8 Pro

If you’ve encountered an issue on your smartphone that prevents it from functioning normally, or would like to bring it back to factory settings, then you can try the following methods below:

Basic Restart

  • Press and hold your power button + volume up button for a few seconds.
  • A slider menu should pop up on your screen with options for “Restart” and “Power Off
  • Slide up to select “Restart.”
  • Your phone should then turn off, and automatically turn back on within the next few seconds.

Factory Reset

Factory resetting removes all bits of personal user data from your phone, so it’s advised that you should back-up your files to a PC or via cloud storage.

  • Open your “Settings” app.
  • Head down to “System Settings” > “Back up and Reset.”
  • Tap on “Reset Phone
  • Tap on “Erase all Data.”
  • Your phone should then proceed with removing your data and reboot your device.

Force Shut Down

In the unfortunate event that your phone is non-responsive and you are unable to access any settings menus through your screen, then you might need to force your device to shut down, and manually turn it on again.

  • Hold down your power button + volume up button for a few seconds until the screen turns off. You can then choose to turn it on again as usual.

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We hope this information was useful to you – if you want to learn more about the OPPO Reno 8 Pro, then feel free to check out our other content below:

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