Leaked Samsung Galaxy S23 promo video seemingly confirms 200MP camera


According to some of the rumors we heard back in 2022, it was suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S23 could come with a 200MP camera. Now thanks to leaked promo videos, it seems that the camera upgrade has more or less been confirmed where Samsung seems to be highlighting a jump in megapixels.

These videos were shared on Twitter by tipster Ice Universe where it talks about some of the camera’s capabilities, such as better low-light photos and megapixels that will make us say “wow”.

That being said, it should be noted that megapixel count isn’t everything nor does it necessarily mean that you can expect better photos. In this day and age of mobile phones, seeing photos or videos on such a small display that has been further compressed means that having such a high megapixel count doesn’t really mean too much.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any benefits to having a 200MP camera, so we’ll just have to wait and see and try the phone for ourselves to get an idea of how well the new cameras will handle photos and videos. In the meantime, there was an earlier leaked that showed off an alleged sample from the 200MP camera where details in the photo were better preserved when zoomed in.

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