BLUETTI Showcases Latest Energy Storage Solutions at CES 2023


If CES 2023 has proven anything, it’s that tech knows no boundaries, with everything and anything you can imagine making an appearance at the event. With that said, battery specialist BLUETTI has showcased some of the best products they offer, and we chatted with them for a bit.

BLUETTI specializes in developing and manufacturing energy storage systems, which serve as backup power supplies for different situations from pool parties, camping trips, and even power outages. The company has been active in recent years, with an impressive portfolio of products. According to Longman Li, BLUETTI CEO:

“We have more than ten years of history – before creating this brand, we’ve had a long history of working for western European, Japanese, and US customers for customizable battery packs. When we saw an opportunity, we started to launch our brand.”

Present at CES were the BLUETTI EP900 and B500 power systems, which are ideal hardware for BLUETTI users looking to improve their solar home systems. BLUETTI says that this is the first time the company has launched a residential-level power supply system, and customers can use the modular nature of the set-up. This makes them handy should the need for backup electricity arise.

As such, the EP900 & B500 feature a 9kW inverter alongside expandable capacity with 9kWh and a single B500 LFP battery, and can be paired with up to 16 battery packs for 79kWh. Users can also hook up this set-up to existing solar power systems, with a maximum of 9kW solar input. BLUETTI also demoed the AC500, which was the result of a rather successful Kickstarter campaign. The company says that it was able to raise 12 million dollars for the new product, outperforming its previous campaign which amounted to around 7-8 million dollars.

According to BLUETTI, the AC500 comes with three power connections, which include two 30-ampere connections in addition to a 50-ampere outlet. The station comes with an intuitive control set-up, and even features a touchscreen for easy operation. It also comes with a maximum of 3000W solar charging, longevity for more than 3,500 life cycles, a maximum of 8000W input, and 16 outlets.

There’s certainly an approach to renewable green energy that BLUETTI has undertaken, since its products can be recharged using solar energy – this also adds to the overall value proposition of the hardware, since it can be used all-year round. Li states:

“You can use them as a home backup, and generate power by solar panels. And when you have the power you can save the power in your battery, and when you lose the power you can use the backup.”

As for what the future holds, the company stated that a lot of research and development is still being done with battery chemistry improvement, although they have high goals that future BLUETTI power systems will be able to provide consumers with outstanding performance for their energy needs. Li stresses the advantages of the hardware:

“Besides the EP900, all others, we can see them as kind of an off-grid system, meaning you can create your power. You can store and consume your power… when outdoors, you can of course use them as mobile power.”

Customers can grab BLUETTI products by ordering them directly from their website, or via Amazon and other retailers such as Walmart and Home Depot.

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