The Pixel’s exclusive “Personal Safety” feature is expanding to more phones


Whenever Google launches a new Pixel phone, usually they introduce certain features that are exclusive to the handset to make it a more tempting purchase for customers, especially in the current market where there are so many different Android models to choose from.

That being said, one of the exclusive features of the current Pixel phones comes in the form of Personal Safety, but it looks like Google is breaking the exclusivity and is bringing it to more non-Pixel handsets.

This is according to a tweet by Mishaal Rahman who has discovered that the feature is now making its way onto phones made by Sony and Vivo, just to name a few, as part of the Android 13 update. This joins other manufacturers like iQOO and Nothing who have also adopted the feature in their devices.

For those unfamiliar, the Personal Safety feature is pretty much as its name implies. It is basically a dashboard where users can find out more information about things like natural disasters or public emergencies that are near them, adding their medical information so that EMTs or doctors can find out more about the person’s medical history, car crash detection, and more.

While we’re not sure how many users might actually take full advantage of it, it’s still a good feature to have around just in case.

Source: 9to5Google

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