Samsung Rumored to Retire Galaxy “A7x” Series


With the new year fast approaching, a lot of Samsung fans are looking forward to the announcement and release of Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy “A” series devices, which will take over for 2022’s Galaxy A33, A53, and A73 mid-range handsets. However, new rumors point to a change in Samsung’s mid-range smartphone line-up, and we might end up with one less “A” device on the market next year.

According to Dutch site Galaxy Club, Samsung will be ditching the “A7x” handset line, meaning that we’ll only get the Samsung Galaxy A34 and A54 by next year, and the A74 will no longer be happening. Previously, we’ve seen leaks of the A54’s rumored design, but it looks like an absence of leaks for the A74 have led to speculation that Samsung might soon drop it from the upcoming line-up, meaning that the A54 will be the “top” A-series phone.

On one hand, this would make sense, given that the A7x phones and the Galaxy S “FE” models nearly overlap in terms of specs and pricing in Samsung’s more affordable line-up. Of course, nothing is “official” until Samsung says so, so folks hoping for an A7x handset should keep their eyes out for any developments regarding the matter.

Source: Galaxy Club (Dutch)

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