Google Wallet Gets New Updates, Fitbit Functionality


Google Wallet’s integration with smartphone and wearable devices has been a much-welcome feature, although its exclusivity to certain wearable platforms does create some limitations – that’s about to change though, as Google has finally made Wallet available for Fitbit devices, with the Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4.

In an official web post, Google announced a handful of new updates regarding Google Wallet functionality for users. This includes added usability for select Fitbit wearable models. As per Google’s post:

“Make quick, secure payments from your watch: Last month we added Wallet to the Google Pixel Watch so you can easily make contactless payments. And starting today, anyone with a Fitbit Sense 2 or Versa 4 can pay with just a tap of their wrist.”

Google Wallet is now available in more countries including Japan, with new support for PASMO (mobile devices) and Suica for Pixel Watch users. Users will also be able to save tickets in their Google Wallet app, with services like Ticketmaster, Thaiticketmajor (Thailand), Cinemaxx (Germany), and Ticketek, Humanitix and Oztix (Australia) integrating their ticketing services into the app.

In addition, Google Wallet will now be able to store boarding passes, as Google has teamed up with several airlines including AirAsia, Air France, China Air, Ryanair and United Airlines in order to allow users to save and access their mobile boarding passes in Wallet, with support for multiple boarding passes when travelling in a group.

Source: Google

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