Nov 9th, 2022

When it comes to foldable displays, Samsung is undoubtedly the king. Oddly enough, LG never quite attempted to make something similar, instead the company opted to create displays that could be rolled up. While we’ve yet to see rollable displays become as mainstream as foldables, LG’s already got something new.

The company has taken the wraps off their latest display tech – stretchable displays. Yes, as the name implies, this is a display that can be stretched, meaning that it can be pulled to become larger to potentially wrap around a device. According to LG, the display prototype that they have right now has 20% stretchability, so don’t expect it to be capable of stretching too far, but 20% is still impressive nonetheless.

LG says that the display is made from a special silicon that you would normally find in contact lenses. With the current prototype which in its unstretched form measures 12-inches, it can be stretched to 14-inches, bent, and twisted without taking any damage. We’re not sure what kind of uses such a display may have at the moment, but it is an interesting concept.

We can imagine that it might be used for fashion, or maybe even wearables where the stretchable display can be used to create even larger displays that wrap around the wrist. It remains to be seen how such a display can be used, but what kind of ideas do you have in mind? What would you use such a display for?

Source: LG Display

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