Google’s November Update is Now Live for Pixel Devices


Google Pixel owners are in for a treat – the latest Pixel software patch has finally arrived for Google’s Pixel phones, which includes phones in the Pixel 7 series and a handful of slightly older devices. The update is now available for download and comes with some security and stability fixes.

Google provides regular software updates for its phones, which go live on the first week of every month. With that said, most Pixel devices only have software support for a set number of years, so older devices like the Pixel 3a will no longer receive official updates from Google. If you own a Pixel 5, 6, or newer though, then you’re pretty much bound to receive monthly updates.

Timely software support is one of the advantages of owning a Google-branded smartphone, and aside from security patches and bug fixes, Pixels occasionally get “Feature Drops,” meaning that new software tricks and apps are added to the pre-existing software, making for some terrific long-term usability.

To check if your Google Pixel can download the newest update, simply head into Settings > System > System Update to check if your device has received the latest system update. 

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