The Pixel 4 will be reaching the end of its life this month


No product lasts forever, at least not in terms of support, and to be fair to manufacturers, they cannot be realistically expected to provide after sales support in perpetuity. The bad news is that if you are holding onto Google’s Pixel 4 smartphone, it looks like its time in the sun will be coming to an end.

This is according to Google’s support page in which the Pixel 4 is listed to no longer receive guaranteed security updates after October 2022. This means that as far as Google is concerned, they are no longer obligated to keep the handset updated to the latest security patches after this month has ended.

It has also been listed as no longer guaranteed to receive Android updates after October 2022, so the phone is almost guaranteed to not see Android 14, which should be released next year. The Pixel 4 was launched back in 2019 which effectively makes it 3 years old, which also means that we expect that there are still plenty of users out there who are still holding onto the phone as their daily driver.

While Google will no longer guarantee Android or security updates, there have been instances in the past where Google and other handset makers have rolled out updates for legacy handsets, especially if those updates are critical, but don’t expect too much moving forwards.

Source: ArsTechnica

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