Bluetti’s EB3A portable power station: the perfect size for your weekend camping adventure


Want to make sure your phone is topped off while you’re out camping? Have a laptop you need to keep powered on? Maybe there’s an electric stove or heater that you want to power while you’re out in the wild? If that’s the case, forget about those tiny power banks which are honestly only good at charging your phone.

What you need is a power station, a more souped-up version of those power banks. Now, Bluetti is no stranger when it comes to power banks and the company makes a wide range of them. This includes massive modular systems that let you power an entire home, but if you don’t need such a robust system, Bluetti’s got you covered with the EB3A portable power station.

This is a small, all-in-one power station that’s perfect for short camping trips or if you’re traveling across the country in an RV and need an alternate source of power, so here’s why the EB3A could be the perfect fit.

Small but powerful

Like we said, one of the selling points of the Bluetti EB3A is its size. It measures 10.04-inches in length, 7.09-inches in width, and 7.20-inches in height. It also weighs 10.14lbs, which means that the EB3A is not only small, but it is also light enough that you can easily carry it in your hands to move around.

But don’t let its diminutive size fool you because while it is small, it packs a punch. Under the hood of the EB3A, Bluetti has equipped it with a 268.8Wh LiFePO4 battery. It also features a pure sine wave inverter and can put out as much as 600W of power (1,200W in surge power if needed).

This means that it will be more than capable of powering most consumer electronics, such as phones, tablets, laptops, speakers, cameras, and so on.

Quick charging

Unlike some of Bluetti’s larger and more expensive models, the smaller size of the EB3A means that the company has some limitations in how big of a battery it can fit, but don’t let that discourage you. To make up for the smaller battery (compared to some of Bluetti’s other models), it supports fast charging.

This means that if you need to recharge it again for the next time, you won’t have to wait too long. According to Bluetti, the EB3A supports 430W charging speeds which means that it only needs 30 minutes to hit 80% charged status, which for the most part should be good enough for most use case scenarios.

Speaking of charging, the EB3A supports a variety of charging scenarios. There is the more obvious wall socket option, which is great if you’re at home and want to charge the power station before heading out.

But what if you’re out and the power station needs a top-up? In that case, it will also play nicely with Bluetti’s PV120 and PV200 solar panels that will also be able to provide a relatively fast charge, ranging from 2-3 hours depending on which solar panel you choose to use.

Alternatively, if solar isn’t an option for you, you can always use your car’s cigarette lighter to draw power from your car’s battery, where it also can take anywhere between 2-3 hours to fully charge the EB3A. For those who happen to own a generator, the EB3A also supports charging through it as well, taking about 1.3-1.5 hours to fully charge up.

The built-in battery is also rated at over 2,500 cycles before it hits 80% capacity, so you should be able to use it for years at peak performance.

Safe to use

The thing about these types of external batteries is whether or not they are safe to use. We’re sure that many of you have read horror stories about smartphone batteries exploding, but with the EB3A, you can rest easy knowing that Bluetti has built-in a bunch of safety features.

This includes protection from overloading, protection from low voltage, protection against high temperatures and low temperatures, protection against short circuiting, and also protection against over current.

Charge whatever you want

One of the advantages a power station has over a power bank is the number of ports it comes with, and with the ability to put out more power and regulate it, it means that users have more options when it comes to choosing what kind of devices they can power with the Bluetti EB3A.

The EB3A comes with a multitude of ports, running from AC and DC outlets for more traditional appliances and gadgets, as well as USB-A and USB-C ports that will support smaller devices like phones, tablets, or in some cases, even laptops. According to Bluetti:

  • AC Outlets: 2 x 120V/5A Outlets, 600W In Total
  • Inverter Type: Pure Sine Wave
  • Surge Power: 1,200W
  • USB-C Port: 1 x 100W Max.
  • USB-A Port: 2 x 5V/3A USB-A
  • DC Outlets: 1 x 12V/10A (Car Outlet), 2 x 12V/10A DC 5521 (5.5mm Outlets) *All Regulated.
  • Wireless Charging Pad: 1 x 15W Max

The company claims that the kind of appliances and devices the EB3A can charge and power include things like a drone, a fan, a laptop, smartphones, cameras, lights, a CPAP machine, and even a mini fridge. Essentially it should cover most uses, so unless you’re looking to power something bigger or more powerful, the EB3A should suit most camper’s needs just fine.

Pricing and availability

So, if you’re sold on the Bluetti EB3A and want to get your hands on it, it is actually priced pretty reasonably at $299.99. Bluetti actually has a coupon code on its website where you get to knock $60 off the price, making this a very attractive proposition for those who are looking for the perfect portable power station.

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