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Users are reporting that the Nest WiFi Pros are throttling their speeds


There are various factors that can affect a connection speed. Obviously the source of the connection like your ISP plays a role, then there are also other factors like how far away from the router you are,  are there other users using the network, is the server you’re downloading from slow, and so on.

Then there is also the issue of the router itself. Unfortunately for owners of Google’s brand new Nest WiFi Pro, reports from the Google Nest Community have revealed that some users are encountering issues where their internet speeds are being throttled by the device, with some reporting speeds as low as 50Mbps.

“So, my WiFi Pro arrived today and I was really excited to get it setup. I set everything up using the Google Home app and downloaded the updates. I have a fiber gigabit connection from my provider and their most recent modem. My wired connections are pegged to about 90Mbps. My Nest WiFi (non Pro) was getting 900+Mbps wired.”

It is unclear as to what is causing the issue, but there is a chance it could be potentially due to ISPs in the UK as most of the issue reports are coming from those living in the UK. Google is reportedly looking into the issue so hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Source: 9to5Google

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