Latest Samsung Galaxy S22 update adds some new camera features


One of the improvements we’ve been seeing made to smartphone cameras is the ability to capture low-light photos, but some handset makers have taken things even further by introducing the ability to capture astrophotography.

If astrophotography is something you’re interested in and you happen to own the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, then you might be excited to learn that in the latest update to the Samsung Expert RAW app that Samsung has finally added the ability to capture astrophotography images along with multi-exposure.

Now whenever you launch the Expert RAW app and switch to the Astrophoto mode, there is a new Sky Guide that helps users pinpoint the location of constellations in the sky. Images captured using this mode will also utilize AI to help clean up the images to make it seem like it is a photo taken by a much more expensive camera and camera lens.

There is also the new Multi-Exposure feature that basically captures multiple images at different exposures and layers them on top of each other, similar in concept to how HDR images were taken back in the day before the process was automated by a lot of smartphone camera apps.

Source: SamMobile

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