Google’s next Pixel could see a drastically improved fingerprint scanner


One of the chief complaints we’ve been hearing over the years regarding Google’s Pixel smartphones is that its fingerprint scanners are slow compared to the competition. This is because Google relies on optical in-display scanners versus ultrasonic scanners used by other phones.

The good news is that the Pixel 8 could change that. This is according to a tweet by Kuba Wojciechowski who discovered some information that could suggest that Google is testing a modified Pixel 7 Pro that uses a Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

If this sounds familiar, it is because Wojciechowski was the one (together with 91mobiles) who had reported on a mysterious Pixel handset with the G10 model number. Wojciechowski goes on to speculate that the G10 number could also be referring to “gepard”, which is German for “cheetah” and was the codename for the Pixel 7 Pro, further cementing the claims that the G10 could be an early prototype of the Pixel 8.

While there is no way to confirm any of this is true and if the Pixel 8 could end up with a faster fingerprint scanner, we can only hope that it will. Google’s Pixel phones offer up a great Android experience with fantastic cameras, so if Google can get the fingerprint scanner right in future models, it could make their Pixel phones even more compelling than ever.

Source: Android Police

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