Google’s rumored Pixel Ultra could sport a 1-inch camera sensor


These days, performance in smartphones have kind of peaked where with each new generation, the performance gains aren’t as much as they used to be. This means that smartphone makers need to find other ways to compete with each other, and cameras are a pretty popular choice.

Google has always been known for having awesome camera software but according to a recent tweet by Ice Universe, Google could be looking to equip their rumored Pixel Ultra smartphone with a 1-inch camera sensor.

While megapixels are what phones are usually marketed with, sensor size matters too because the larger the sensor, the more light can be captured, which means more data like details, shadows, and etc., resulting in a better quality photo. We have been hearing rumors that Google could be working on a Pixel Ultra smartphone, but the handset was not announced alongside the Pixel 7 series which has us wondering when this phone could launch.

Also, another thing we want to point out is that there are some conflicting rumors about the sensor size. While Ice Universe claims that there will be a 1-inch sensor, tweets by Kuba Wojciechowski are saying otherwise, where we might see Google use Sony’s sensors which are under 1-inch.

Either way, since nothing has been confirmed, it’s best not to put too much stock in these rumors for now until Google officially announces the handset, if and when that happens.

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