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Protect your packages from porch pirates with the Lindo Dual Camera Video Doorbell


Back in the day, if you wanted to know if someone was at the door, you’d have to look through the peephole, which is only really useful if you’re home, but what if you’re not home? What if someone wanted to deliver a package but they’re not sure if they should leave it at your door or come back another time?

This is a problem that video doorbells are helping to solve these days, whether it be for package deliveries, home security, and so on. In fact, if you’re looking for a video doorbell system for your home that’s not only affordable but easy to install and is packed with features, perhaps the Lindo Dual Camera Video Doorbell could be of interest to you, especially with its current promotion price of $129.99, saving you $70 from its original price of $199.99.

The video doorbell is currently on Indiegogo seeking funding, so if you’d like to get your hands on one and save some money with the early bird discount, then make sure to pledge your support.


Model LVD01
Weight 6.9oz, 195g
Dimension 5.5*2*1.2 in, L140*W50*H30.5mm
Battery 5000mAh
Sensor PIR & Radar
Detection Range 22ft, 7m
Resolution 4MP, 2K
Field of View 160°
Infrared light six 850nm Infrared Lights
Weather Resistant IP67
Operation Temperature -4°F~122°F(-20°C~50°C)
Audio Full Duplex 2 Way Audio with Noice Cancellation
Doorbell chime
Model LDC01
Weight 2.6oz,75g
Dimension 3.7*1.7*1.1in, 96*45*30mm
Power Input 100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 0.3A Max
Volume Range 0~96dB
Operation Temperature -4°F~122°F(-20°C~50°C)

Dual cameras and live video

Most video doorbells on the market today come with a single camera. This camera basically acts like a peephole of sorts which you can access remotely on another device like your smartphone, tablet, smart display, computer, and so on.

While a singular camera setup works fine for the most part, one of the selling points of the Lindo Dual Camera Video Doorbell is that it actually comes with two cameras. The first camera will be focusing on the people at the door, while the second camera is pointing downwards to focus on packages.

This means that if someone were to deliver a package, you can ask them to place it within the camera’s field of view so that you can remotely monitor your package and make sure that no one steals it even if you’re not home. It can also be used to stitch together full body shots of people at your front door.

2K resolution

Having a video doorbell is great but what’s the point if the quality of the video is too low to make out faces or packages? With the Lindo Dual Camera Video Doorbell, the company has equipped it with a camera that offers 2K resolution, thus ensuring that you’ll get excellent quality footage whenever someone’s at the door.

Plus, the camera also offers a 160-degree wide angle field of view which means that not only is it able to see what’s in front of it, but also other events like if someone is walking past your house or while someone is walking up to your door. According to Lindo, this is thanks to the use of 2 glass optical lenses combined with four plastic lenses, which is better than other cameras that either rely on 4-6 plastic lenses.

Human and motion detection

Sometimes the best way to deter porch pirates or unwanted visitors is to be alerted of their presence before they make it all the way up to your door. The Lindo video doorbell comes with human and motion detection, where thanks to the included AI, it can detect when someone is trying to approach your packages.

Speaking of packages, like we said, the second camera on the doorbell helps users keep an eye on their packages, but it also uses AI so that users are alerted when their packages arrive and are placed in front of their door. This is complete with a timestamp of the event so users will know when exactly their packages were delivered.

Two-way talk

In addition to being able to keep an eye on people coming to your door and dropping off packages, the Lindo video doorbell also offers a two-way talk feature. This means that you can not only talk to the people at your door, but they can also respond and you will be able to hear them.

So for example, if you’re not home and someone comes to your door with a package, you can speak to them and instruct them to leave it somewhere safe or place it within the second camera’s field of view. You can also ask people to leave, like sales people, strangers, and so on. You can also speak to your friends who might have made an unannounced visit but you’re not home to greet them.

Easily to install

One of the resistance of installing new smart home gadgets is that sometimes installing them can be quite a hassle. Some smart home devices might require users to perform a rewiring which means that you would have to hire an electrician which not only delays the install, but would end up costing you more money than you originally intended to spend.

With the Lindo video doorbell, the installation of the doorbell is a breeze and can be accomplished as long as you have the basic tools. Setting up the doorbell itself is also quite easy and straightforward and as you can see in the video above, it only takes less than a minute to get it connected and running.

How it compares against the competition

Community support

Sometimes one of the perks of buying into a new ecosystem is finding a new community of users that you can chat with, interact with, share tips and tricks with, and that’s what Lindo has established for themselves. The company has a Facebook page that users can meet other fellow users, and they also have their own YouTube channel that provides examples and demonstrations of its products in action.

About Lindo

While Lindo might not be a name you’re familiar with when it comes to video doorbells, the company was created when its founder used to study in college in South California. The founder’s landlord would often complain about porch pirates stealing his packages despite the fact that he had a video doorbell installed.

This prompted Lindo’s founder to come up with the idea of creating a secondary camera designed specifically for packages, effectively killing the blind spot and helping users better protect their online purchases when they are delivered.

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