Fossil Gen 6 Wear 3.2 update rollout starts on October 17


The new Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition may be the first Fossil-branded smartwatch to launch with Wear 3, but the company is also bringing the updated operating system to its current Fossil Gen 6 owners. The official Wear 3.2 update will roll out to the Fossil Gen 6, starting on October 17.

Since Fossil Group is also responsible for building smartwatches for other fashion brands, the Wear 3.2 update will also be rolling out to the Skagen Falster Gen 6 and Michael Kors Gen 6 Bradshaw on the same date. 

Check out the Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition

With the upgrade to Wear 3.2, current Gen 6 owners will need to navigate somewhat of an unusual update process. Unlike regular software updates, upgrading to Wear 3.2 from Wear OS does require a full reset of the smartwatch. Users will also need to transition to using the Fossil Smartwatches app since devices running on Wear 3 no longer use the standard Wear OS smartphone app for setup and smartwatch management.

The update process may sound a little more complicated than usual, but Fossil has assured us that users should have no issues as long as they follow the prompts during the upgrade process.

Unfortunately, Wear 3.2 isn’t the same Wear 3.5 that was recently released for Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 lineup or what is being used on the newly-released Google Pixel Watch. As such, Google Assistant won’t be available with the Wear 3.2 update on the Gen 6 smartwatches, but Fossil is adding Alexa integration.

Fossil has committed to two years of software updates on its smartwatches. Fossil may roll out Wear 3.5 or simply skip to the next version with its next update cycle.

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Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition launches with Wear 3 and sleeker design

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